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Developed for the food processing and production industry, PacFlange conveyor units are designed to replace the conventional greased bearing, thus eliminating grease completely and providing a zero-maintenance solution. At Echetalde we distribute only components that are oil and grease free.

PacFlange conveyor units consist of a housing approved for use in the food sector, a high-quality stainless steel bushing (set screw connection to the shaft) and a ThorPlas White bearing.

ThorPlas White is a food grade self-lubricating thermoplastic with a very low coefficient of friction and a long wear life. It is designed specifically for FOOD and LIQUID handling environments.

It has many applications. These include: bearings subjected to frequent washing, parts installed in humid environments, when there is limited access to bearings, components in abrasive environments or exposed to chemicals or those used in the areas of food handling and processing.

We have different models of conveyor units: 4-bolt flanges, 3-bolt flanges with compensation, 2-bolt flanges, normal pillow blocks, pillow blocks with a threaded base and take-up housing units.

Unidades transportadoras de ThorPlas Blanco

Advantages of using PacFlange:

  • Reduces your plant maintenance costs
  • No grease: expensive food-grade grease is not necessary
  • Maintenance free: since greasing is not required, staff do not need to go to each unit to periodically apply grease
  • No catastrophic failures: PacFlange units wear out gradually, and do not seize up under any circumstances.
  • Planned replacement: since there are no catastrophic failures for PacFlange units when installed within the PV limits, the need to replace units can be planned well in advance
  • Longer useful life: reduced bearing replacement and longer life between replacements in all types of environment
  • High resistance to chemicals, heat, corrosion and abrasion
  • Self-alignment: allows large pivot angles

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