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ThorSield coating

ThorShield shaft coating

The ThorShield shaft coating is made of two completely solid compounds that protect the motor shaft from corrosion.

It can be applied in a single layer (from 2 to 3 mm thick).

It is a product with exceptional flexibility and high strength and hardness. It offers excellent corrosion protection and is moisture resistant.

Water Quality Package (WQP) cleaning equipment

This is a cyclonic cleaning system designed to supply clean water to the bearings of the system to be lubricated. For example, for the bearings and tail shaft seals lubricated with seawater, the main guide bearing and the segmented seals of a turbine.

This is done at a minimum flow rate of 0.15 litres/minute for each mm of shaft diameter. It separates the abrasive particles greater than 80 microns and/or with a specific weight of 1.2 from the water to be supplied to the system.

It has an alarm that warns about changes in the water flow conditions or decreases in water flow to the bearings. It can operate independently or can be fully integrated into the ship’s control and monitoring systems to allow operation in an unmanned machinery area.

This system can be adapted to a large number of shaft sizes and provide an appropriate degree of redundancy for the container involved.

We have several sizes of equipment depending on the number of litres per minute it is required to supply.

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WQP cleaning


These are components that are installed between the transmission and shaft flange to extend it. They are used when extra shaft length is necessary. For example, reinstallation of transmitters or motors, installation of cutters or to align the propeller.