Main guide shaft

Main guide shaft bearings

Main guide shaft bearing

We have numerous examples of the installation of our bearings both in Spain and around the world.

We carry out different types of design and installation depending on the diameter of the shaft and the type of turbine.


Thordon SXL with low friction coefficiente


The Thordon SXL offers the lowest friction coefficient and very good abrasion resistance.



The Thordon GM2401 is specially designed to work with a very high level of abrasion and is a very good choice when the system does not have a filter to remove the largest particles from the lubrication water.

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Ondinas Hydroelectric Plant

Conversion of the main guide shaft bearing lubricated with oil in the two units of the Ondinas hydroelectric power plant belonging to ENEL, with our Thordon SXL pollution-free bearing design.

Pollution-free bearing

Aiguamoix Hydroelectric Plant

Design and manufacture of the main guide shaft bearing of the Aiguamoix power plant turbine, located in the Aran valley, in which a Thordon SXL bearing was installed using screws and glue. This job was part of the oil-to-water conversion of the turbine guide bearing lubrication.

Bearing for Aiguamoix hydroelectric plant