Wood and paper industry applications

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Bushings that do not need to be greased

The wood and paper industry in general is an extreme industry for greased bushes due to the hot and dusty environment in which they work, which causes them to fail frequently. Our polymer bushings, which do not need to be greased, are therefore an ideal product for this industry.

Our bushings can be found in numerous applications within this industry, such as in dewatering machinery, sorting equipment, fans and debarking, etc. Our products are a proven solution which results in a reduction in maintenance costs.


  • Eliminates grease and costs associated with maintenance
  • Ability to absorb vibrations and impacts
  • High resistance to abrasion
Tree bark


SXL component


Excellent capacity to work dry, low coefficient of friction and long wear life.

COMPOSITE component


Designed specially for use in very abrasive environments.

PT80 has a long wear life


Excellent mechanical properties at a temperature of 80°C. Long wear life and high abrasion resistance.

Several ThorPlas Blue components


It is a self-lubricating material. Ideal for working with high pressures.

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