Echetalde es una empresa que no está pasando desapercibida por la alta calidad de producto y servicio técnico-especializado que ofrece a diversos sectores industriales. A continuación, leeremos una entrevista efectuada a Iñigo Arrancudiaga (gerente de la empresa), y veremos por qué las Empresas Energéticas españolas llevan años confiando en Echetalde y Thordon en cuanto a […]

En la actualidad, el agua es el único lubricante viable desde un punto de vista técnico, ambiental y comercial para el eje propulsor de las embarcaciones

Thordon Bearings está alertando a sus clientes sobre la reciente publicación de un estudio de DNV GL que concluye que el incremento de fallos que se está produciendo en los cojinetes del eje propulsor de las embarcaciones está relacionado, en realidad, con el uso de ciertos lubricantes ecológicamente aceptables. Como conclusión de la primera fase […]

Water is Now the Only Technically, Environmentally and Commercially Viable Propeller Shaft Lubricant

Thordon Bearings is alerting its customers to the recent publication of a DNV GL study that concludes the recent surge in propeller shaft bearing failures is indeed related to the use of certain environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). In conclusion to the first phase of an ongoing investigation, DNV GL reported that “there are transient conditions […]

At Echetalde we are launching our new website

In a new stage of development for Echetalde we are launching our new website. We want to tell you about what we do in our company and let you know about our services and the sectors for which we work. Go into to discover the applications that our products have and how we can […]

En Echetalde estrenamos web

En Echetalde empezamos una nueva etapa: estrenamos web. Queremos acercaros lo que hacemos en nuestra empresa y daros a conocer nuestros servicios y los sectores para los que trabajamos. Entra en para descubrir qué aplicaciones tienen nuestros productos y cómo podemos ayudarte. Descubre las marcas con las que trabajamos, los campos de aplicación de […]

Vertical Lift Pumps Now Fitted With Grease-Free SXL Bearings

During a routine statutory shutdown of PetroSA’s offshore FA Platform in Mossel Bay, South Africa, existing rubber bearings in the vertical main seawater lift pumps were replaced with Thordon…

New Thorplas® Thermoplastic bearing complements Thordon’s polymer grades

Thordon Bearings Inc., a world leader ingrease and oil-free bearing solutions has announced the introduction of ThorPlas® a new proprietary engineered (nonelastomer) thermoplastic bearing.

Primary Sedimentation Tank Bearings

In 2010, a trial was run at Water Care Mangere where Thordon SXL bearings replaced greased white metal (Babbitt) bearings in the Primary Sedimentation Tanks. The shafts are made of mild steel and they run 24/7 at a very slow speed.

Digester Floating Tank Cover Rollers

During the summer, temperature and UV (Ultra Violet) radiation in Southern Florida can be higher than anywhere else in North America. Any equipment operating in the Floridian sun must be able to withstand the heat…

Grit Tank Peak Cap End Bearings

The customer was replacing greased iron Peak Cap End Bearings twice each year in the Grit Tanks due to excessive bearing wear running against a steel shaft. Each Grit Tank required 4 small and 2 large bearing assemblies.

SXL Flocculator Paddle Wheel Bearings

The Jardine Water Purification Plant in Chicago is the one of the world’s largest water purification plants. In 2000, the plant engineer contacted Thordon to discuss a bearing problem in the flocculation system. He had formerly worked with the US Army Corps…

Thor-Flex Chain Conveyer Wear Shoes

Treating water from Lake Michigan, the Jardine Water Purification Plant pumps over 700 million gallons of water per day. Grit Chambers are large settling tanks where the removal of organic solids takes place. The large tanks have chains and sprocket…

Thordon viaja en trolebús

While Thordon’s water lubricated materials have revolutionized marine applications, our durable materials are increasingly proving useful in other industries where dry run applications are common. The most recent example was in the Czech Republic.

Los camiones de volteo siguen a toda marcha con los cojinetes HPSXL TRAXL de Thordon

The roll-off trucks that pick up recycling bins, garbage bins and more, rely on a pulley system. Kronos Worldwide Inc. uses similar trucks to transport large containers of titanium dioxide…

Saw Mill Bumper Bar

The lumber at the saw mill is sorted using a mechanical arm that directs the lumber into various bins. The sorter arm has a mechanical stopper, we have used SXL to prevent damage to the stopper. The previous solution was…

Sawmill Carrying Container

The process of kiln drying involves extremely hot temperatures and high humidity and requires materials that can withstand these conditions. The customer was using bronze in the wheel bearings of their sawmill carrying containers…

SXL and Thor-Flex improve bearing wear life for water purification plant

The American Midwest is home to one of the world’s largest water purification plants, pumping over 700 million gallons of water from Lake Michigan each year.

SXL Bearings Save Pulp and Paper Mill Thousands of Dollars each Month

Recycled paper is a dirty product to create. The pulp is made from post-consumer waste that is mashed into a slurry with plenty of water to filter out contaminants and debris.

Seawater lubricated bearing solution

Thordon Bearings proposed a seawater lubricated bearing solution to support the main turbine shafts on the OCEAN_2G tidal energy platform being developed by Magallanes Renovables, Spain. With 40+ years of experience…

S.M.U.D. hydro workers find new uses with Thordon Bearings

It was late 2007, and the White Rock Powerhouse was overdue for an overhaul. Two of the largest hydroelectric generating units operated by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)…

Grease free Thorplas for Kaplan runner blade bushings

In April 2005, operators at Alabama Electric Cooperative’s 3-MW Gantt hydroelectric plant on the Conecuh River in Alabama, U.S.A., decided to replace the four runner blade trunnion bushings…

Genesis opts for options

When one of your hydro turbines had been installed back in the 1930s, and it was time to refit, you want technologies that offer the maximum amount of options, since there really is no way of telling what you are going to find… like Thordon’s…

Thorseals and HPSXL solve wicket gate leakage problem

As any beaver will tell you, stemming the unrelenting force of river water is a complex engineering feat. So it’s not surprising that the first dam to span the massive Columbia River in Washington State, U.S.A…

More Polymer shaft seals ordered by chinese turbine industry

Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. (part of Dongfang Electric Corp.) and Harbin Eleclric Machinery Co., Ltd. have recently placed additional orders for Thordon SXL elastomeric polymer

Raanaafoss Rehabilitated with Oil-Free Main Guide Bearing Solution

Originally built in 1922, the Raanaasfoss I Power Plant in Norway recently began a rehabilitation project to update the plant’s performance and render it more environmentally friendly.

Maintenance at Inco plant no longer frazzled by donwtime concerns

Frazzle ice is created when long periods of extremely cold weather, typically in the -35°C range, turn river water into a giant Slushie®. This isn’t uncommon on The Spanish River…

Los cojinetes Thordon ayudan a pescar marlines

Una gran pesca es el trofeo que ansía cualquier pescador, pero ¿cuántas veces se preguntan por qué no encuentran ejemplares mayores? ¿Es la localización? ¿El cebo? ¿El aparejo?…

El gancho Rocloc da la «vida» al bote salvavidas

Aunque parezca una contradicción, cientos de personas han muerto en los botes salvavidas a lo largo de los años, sea en simulacros o en situaciones de emergencia.