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Thordon bearings – a family business

Thordon Bearings Inc. is a Canadian family business founded in 1911 with factories in Canada and Poland. They provide engineering solutions and offer worldwide technical support through their extensive worldwide commercial network of distributors and agents.

Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete range of bearings, seals and other products for the proper operation of marine, renewable energy generation, pump, offshore and industrial applications. The Thordon brand is renowned worldwide for its high quality and performance and for eliminating the need for oil and grease from applications where their products are installed.

Thordon products generally work with water or dry in low speed or oscillating applications, eliminating any use of oil or grease. All products offer an exceptional useful life and a low coefficient of friction and are very easy to install.

Over all these years in the business, Thordon’s solutions have gained worldwide recognition due to their quality and profitability.

Echetalde is the exclusive Thordon distributor for Spain and Morocco and we offer design, engineering, assembly and after-sales services with an extensive warehouse of products in order to offer a responsive customer service.

We collaborate closely with several machining workshops for the supply of finished parts according to customer specifications.

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