Component distribution company

We are a company located in Donostia-San Sebastian formed by a young, dynamic and highly qualified team, capable of producing designs and drawings and carrying out application engineering. We work in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We are exclusive suppliers of the following products:

  • Thordon bearing and seal systems
  • Spurs line and rope cutters
  • Kiwi Shaft Seal
  • PacFlange conveyor units

With customer satisfaction and a focus on service always a priority, our philosophy is based on responding immediately to the needs of an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

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1. Advice

We perform the calculation, selection and design of our products in a customised way for the application required by the customer.


2. Quote

We send all quotes quickly. In case of special and/or mechanised products we collaborate with a machining workshop.


3. Supply

We have a large stock in Spain for immediate delivery of our standard products.


4. After-sales service

We have qualified personnel to assist customers during or after assembly.

After-sales service

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