Marine sector

We provide non-polluting and maintenance-free components and systems for the marine and offshore sector. We understand the operation of the different vessels and the specific needs they have due both to the work they do and the type of water in which they sail.

Coastguards, navy, commercial ships, cruise ships, work boats, dredgers, fishing boats, superyachts, yachts, offshore platforms and shipyards all have products distributed by Echetalde.

We design and distribute non-polluting and maintenance-free solutions for bearings, seals, shaft seals and cutters for propulsion and control systems and machinery and deck applications.

Main benefits:

  • Long wear life
  • Reduction in maintenance time
  • Lubrication with seawater or self-lubricating
  • Do not need oil and/or grease
  • Fast delivery for standard and non-standard products
  • Easy to install