Food sector

We have a range of products aimed at the food processing industry, food equipment manufacturers, fishing boats, etc. that use conveyor systems and machinery for food processing and incorporate bearings in their equipment.

Our PacFlange products are ideal for replacing conventional bearings in these types of application. They are fully certified for direct contact with food products and beverages, eliminating the use of grease and reducing operating costs by not seizing up and having very low wear.

Our ThorPlas White is the ideal material for applications where there is slow movement and is designed to work dry, without the need for lubrication with grease or food-grade oils. It is ideal for replacing traditional bearings with self-lubricating bushings.

ThorPlas White has the following certificates for food handling: FDA, NSF and WRAS.

Benefits for the food sector

Thanks to the use of our zero-maintenance products, you can reduce downtime due to catastrophic failures, increase production and save on the operational costs of your plants. FDA, NSF and WRAS food handling certificates.


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