Industrial sector

The industrial applications of the components distributed by Echetalde are numerous.

For example, we design and manufacture a complete line of grease and/or oil free bearings for all kinds of pumps. We offer different materials depending on the working environment. For industrial applications these provide an increase in life and quality, particularly in conditions involving a great deal of dirt and abrasion.

In addition to pumps, typical applications in the industrial sector include: Archimedes screws, water treatment, mining, the paper industry, the forestry industry, the food industry, the automotive industry, the steel industry, cranes and bottling machines.

Main characteristics:

  • Long wear life
  • Low friction/No “Stick-Slip”
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Simplified bearing and seal designs for easy in situ handling
  • Simplified bearing and seal designs for easy in situ handling
  • Easy installation through shrink-fitting with interference or press-fitting
  • High impact and vibration resistance
  • Eliminates possible pollutants
  • Works both in dry and wet conditions
  • Self-lubricating to ensure smooth operation (performance) in applications with limited movement
  • No deformations or marks on the bearing due to point loads resulting from minor misalignment or deflection of the blades
  • Can be machined in situ to accommodate dimensional inconsistencies and avoid the need for spare parts
  • Quick response and delivery tailored to customer needs to meet the demanding rehabilitation programmes required


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