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The bearing, also known as bushing, bush, plain bearing or friction bearing is a tribological component in which two surfaces move in direct contact with each other, performing a slide with friction.

The purpose of the bearing is to reduce this friction as much as possible so that wear is as low as possible.

The reduction of the friction depends on the material selection, its configuration and possible lubrication.

The bearings can be designed with different configurations according to the type of work and application so that they work optimally for the purpose for which they are required.

Main characteristics:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Environmentally friendly (work without oils or greases)
  • Reduce maintenance
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Guarantee a long wear life
  • Easy to install and machine
  • Better combination of strength/hardness and flexibility/elasticity
  • High resistance to shock loads and vibrations
  • Capable of fully recovering from possible deformations
Grados Thordon

These tribological components are used for sliding, rotating, oscillating or alternating movements.

All the Thordon grades are completely homogeneous. In other words, they have the same properties throughout the wall thickness. They create less noise and work without lubrication with oil and/or grease in all types of application. They are an environmentally friendly product. They can work lubricated with salt and fresh water, with liquids mixed with chemicals or without any lubrication depending on the characteristics of the application.

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 Thordon XL bearing

Thordon XL Bearing

Thordon SXL Bearing

Thordon SXL Bearing

Thordon COMPAC Bearing

Thordon COMPAC Bearing

Thordon Composite Bearing

¡Thordon Composite Bearing

Thorplas Blue Bearing

ThorPlas-Blue Bearing


ThorPlas-White Bearing

Thordon PT80 Bearing

Thordon PT80 Bearing

Thordon HPSXL Bearing

Thordon HPSXL Bearing

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