Floating shaft seals

Floating shaft seals

Protection system

A floating shaft seal is a system for sealing and protection against the entry of water and the like for boat parts (especially motor shafts). They are suitable for replacing stuffing boxes and, in certain cases, mechanical seals.

Our seal consists of a single piece of stainless steel (a lightweight and durable steel, widely used in marine applications) with a single seal with an LUP configuration. This leads to a maintenance-free seal which is completely safe and, if necessary, 100% rebuildable.

The Kiwi system uses a straight reinforced hose since it does not require great flexibility to provide compression like mechanical seals.

Thanks to these seals there is practically no shaft wear.

All Kiwi Shaft Seal™ seals are built individually and each unit has an engraved serial number that relates to the original customer history.

Threee floating shaft seals

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